Why study in Canada?

Canada has a reputation for welcoming citizens, providing employment opportunities after graduation, and emphasizing research. The quality of life and world-class education in Canada make it a popular choice for international students. Along with the US and the UK, Canada is one of the top study destinations in the world for international students and it is growing in popularity year by year.
Canada ranks at 10th spot in global peace index making it one of the favorable choices for international students. Canada is also the land of progressive and diverse people. The immigrant-friendly nation has free societies ready to accept and acknowledge you as you are. We, GK consultancy presently working with top ranked Universities in Canada like Memorial University, Lake head University, cape Breton University and Victoria Island University.

Why choose Canada

Low costs as compared to US yet same high quality teaching standards.
 Post study work permit.
 a wide variety of degree programs in subjects ranging from humanities to health and business to technology, along with some of the exclusive environmental majors.
 In the 2023 QS rankings of the world’s universities, 11 Canadian universities were ranked in the top 250.

GK Consultancy Services is proud to be able to turn your dream of studying at a top-ranked university in Canada into reality. The process to study in this most demanding destination can be quite complex. Our firm offers a wide range of services that can help you not only secure admission to one of the most prestigious universities, but also provide you with the best support throughout the visa application process.

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