Why study in Denmark?

Having an open, state-of-the-art research system and abundant intellectual assets has made Denmark one of the world's most innovative economies. Denmark offers so many amazing opportunities for international students, from world-class universities, to a thriving culture. Denmark is a goldmine of high quality education and 5 Danish universities comes under QS World University Ranking. The degree student earns at Danish universities or colleges will be internationally recognized and valuable for meeting future aspects. The education system and facilities offered by most of the universities in Denmark are highly appreciated all over the world.

Why choose Denmark

low tuition fees and scholarships available

less complex Visa processing as compared to other major nations

students can take their dependents like spouse and kids

Additional Benefits

➢   Free Education for up to 2 kids above 5 years

➢    Spouse Full time work rights

➢   No taxable income up to 5.5 lacs.

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