Australia immigration

Australia's net migration has consistently been around 235,000 people in recent years. This significant influx of individuals is a testament to the allure of the Australian lifestyle. Whether it's the opportunity to pursue higher education, start a business, or simply enjoy a better quality of life, Australia attracts people from various corners of the world.


Our dedicated team always there for the students and individuals to search relevant courses or work on their behalf. GK consultancy as the visa agency in Bangladesh firstly briefs the detail scenario of the visa board so that students can feel the environment of the reality. Our counselors are always available even during round the clock to answer any queries to the students and workers. Our dedicated team is always there for you to make your journey smoother to achieve goals in the global platforms.

Assistance with SOP writing

Statement of Purpose is one of the key factor getting an admission to the university as well as securing the visa. Many students do not have any proper idea about the format and the right content about this crucial indicator of studying abroad.
Our expert team assist the prospective students to write an accurate and articulate SOP so that it impresses the admission committee and the respective immigration officers.

Career guidance

Career guidance is an essential process that helps individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the working world, enabling them to make informed choices regarding their careers, education, and overall life direction. When it comes to selecting the correct location, it holds significant importance as it can significantly impact a student's professional life, personal lifestyle, and the connections they make. Not only do we support the student in their study abroad journey, but we also aim to provide them with professional guidance regarding their future career choices.

Visa Support

GK consultancy services in Bangladesh works for the service of ‘Visa Assistance’ or in another words ‘Visa Processing Service’. As we began our journey we thought it a ‘TASK’ to secure a visa with proper documentation. But as the day passe we have mastered the process of visa and make it as simple as possible to our clients.

From A-Z, sorting documents, applying appropriate techniques for write visa application, communicating with parents ,students and our prospective clients, tracking the progress of application and to post-processing of visas.

Additionally, our services are designed to streamline the visa application process and protect you from any legal challenges.

Airport pick up and Pre-Departure guidance

As an education consultant its a process of never ending journey. Our responsibility just doesn’t end once a student has secured his/her student visa. We are able to facilitate our students with airport pick up and provide guidance before leaving the country. We shall ensure that you know exactly what to do, where to go and whom to contact once you have landed. As many of you will be traveling abroad for the first time, we will do everything in our power to ensure that you arrive safely at your college or university.


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